Handy / Supra

Diamond’s Handy/ Handymax team provides broking services across all dry bulk trades.

With its in-depth knowledge and experience, this specialist team of brokers facilitates transactions in a diverse range of commodities and raw materials, each with specific carriage requirements.


Since 2005 Diamond has established itself as a dominant provider of Panamax chartering services, serving the ship owners and operators on one hand and all the major commodities houses, freight traders, operators and end-users on the other. 

Diamond’s panamax team provides global coverage and real access to all aspects of the Panamax market.

We work closely with our clients and combining this with our expertise and broad network of contacts, we are able to provide clients with a full comprehensive service.

Our Panamax team’s day to day activity is fixing grain, coal and iron ore business on the one hand, and develop longer term projects on the other.


Diamond’s cape desk has grown steadily in cargo volumes fixed, and has now established it’s position as one of the prevailing broking houses on the Capesize sector.  

Thanks to the support and trust that our clients and customers have put in the company over the past years, Diamond’s cape desk is now a key player in the global Capesize market.

Our dedicated team is well experienced in both spot chartering for individual voyages, as well as short and long period time charters and CoA’s.

Our knowledge, work ethic and proven track record have established close and solid relationships with all the major ship onwers and operators on the one hand, as well as iron ore producers, mining companies, steel mills and traders on the other.